GO into XERME, a mysterious world full of challenging puzzles and unique discoveries on a journey of evolution and exploration.

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It is an immersive experience with a fascinating narrative about evolution, collaboration and destiny

Unravel the connection between the layers of reality as you explore stunning landscapes and solve puzzles that reveal the story that drives this world to change and grow.


Discover a unic mecanic where energy is the key to solve puzzles and unlocking new areas of the world. As you learn to manipulate this energy and collaborate with other players in asynchronous multiplayer, you will face intriguing challenges that will test your skills and creativity.

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It was born in 2022 as a space that expands the production lines of Acariño Films, betting on an artistic and risky catalog that prioritizes the originality and independence of our productions in search of consolidating itself as an interdisciplinary cultural agent.

Entering into the production of XERME has been an organic path resulting from the complicity between a creator with an artistic proposal and an emerging production company with the desire to bet on independent authorial views.


Praza 8 de marzo, nº 1, esc 1, 1o izq · 15009 · A Coruña

+34 625 863 410

Activity subsidized by the Ministry of Culture.

Funded by the European Union – NextGenerationEU